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About the Merchant Account Fraud Mappings Form

The Fraud Mappings sub-type records list the merchant account fraud mappings for this merchant account. This feature enables an organization to perform real-time authorization and fraud evaluation while helping to distinguish between legitimate shoppers and fraudulent users in a single transaction request. Note that an organization typically must subscribe to the merchant account's Fraud Prevention services to successfully utilize this feature.

Merchant account fraud mappings are listed on the Merchant Account Fraud Mappings tab of the Merchant Accounts record.

Each record specifies one field in Aptify that maps to a parameter used by the merchant account when performing fraud checks. Then, while processing a payment, Aptify passes the value of the specified field to the processor.

Merchant Account Fraud Mappings Form

General Tab

This tab defines the parameters relating to the field being checked for fraud.


The entity in which the field being checked for fraud exists. This field links to the Entities service.

Entity Field Name (Required)

The field being mapped to the parameter listed in the entity selected in the Entity field.

Parameter Name (Required)

The field's name on the processor system.

Related Orders Field

This parameter specifies the field in the Orders entity linked to the ID of the entity listed. This field is optional and is provided for those cases where data required for the fraud check is not available directly from the Orders entity, even though fraud checks are usually initiated from an order or payment.

Use Values Table?

Specifies whether the Values table should be used. This is the set of possible values stored on the record's Merchant Account Fraud Map Values tab.

Is Active?

Indicates if the fraud mappings record is active.

Merchant Account Fraud Map Values Tab

Stores the value list for the particular fraud mapping between an Aptify field and the processor's parameter name. This value table is only applicable when the Use Values Table? option is selected on the Fraud Mappings record's General tab.

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