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Ordering a Product Group

In Aptify, an organization can create Product Groups, which simplify the process of adding multiple products that are commonly sold together to an order. Product groups are configured within the Products service, where the quantity of each product in the group is specified. When a user adds a product group to an order, the Order Entry system automatically creates an order line for each product in the group and sets the quantity and price.

See Creating Kit Products and Product Groupings for information on creating product groups.

Follow these steps to add a product group to an order:

  1. Enter the product group in the Find Product link box.
  2. Enter the group quantity to order.
    • The system multiplies the quantity for each product in the group by the number specified. For example, if a group includes two units of Widget C and a user places an order for two units of the group, the Widget C order line will have a quantity of 4.
  3. Click Add.
    • The system adds an order line for each product in the group. The system calculates the price to charge for each order line based on the product's available prices.
    • Note that the system does not add an order line for the product group.
    • If one or more products in the grouping do not satisfy their configured Minimum Selling Units requirement, then the system will not add the products in the grouping to the order. In this case, increase the quantity grouping so that all products in the grouping satisfy their minimum selling units requirement.
  4. Modify the order lines or add additional order lines, as necessary. See Adding an Order Line for general instructions.
    • The order lines created by specifying a product group are the same as if the user manually added multiple products to an order.

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