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Specifying Shipping Information

If this order includes one or more items that require a physical shipment to the customer, you should review the shipment options with the customer prior to specifying payment information (so the customer has a reasonable expectation of the order's shipping charges).

Follow these steps to specify the order's shipping information prior to saving an order:

  1. On the Customer tab, select a shipping method from the Ship Type drop-down list.
    • The selected Shipment Type determines the shipping charge, handling charge, and shipping expense that appears on the order. See Managing Shipping Charges for more information.
    • Note that Ship Type is located on the main part of the order form in the Customer section and extended shipping details appear on the Shipping tab.

      Select Shipping Method
  2. If the order has one or more order lines, Aptify prompts you to confirm the new Shipment Type selection.
    • If the new shipment method applies to all order lines, click Yes to update each existing order line with the new Shipment Type. The system automatically recalculates the order's Shipping Charge, Handling Charge, and Shipping Expense based on the new Shipment Type's matrix.
    • If you specified a different shipping method for one or more order lines at the Order Line detail level (see Specifying Order Line Details) click No. Instead of applying a new Shipment Type at the order level (and overwriting any changes you have already made), you should specify Shipment Types on a per order-line basis.

      Confirm Shipment Type Change
  3. Click on the Shipping tab.
  4. Enter the date when the customer can expect to receive the order shipment in the Promised On field.
  5. If a customer intends to pay for shipping directly using an account with the shipping company, specify that account number in the Cust. Ship Acct # field.
  6. Override the calculated shipping charges, if necessary.
    • See Overriding Calculated Shipping Charges for details.
    • For example, you may need to override the shipping charges for the order if the customer provides an account number with a shipping company. In this case, the customer will pay the shipping charges directly to the shipping company but may still owe the organization a handling charge.
  7. When finished, specify an initial payment for the order. 

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