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Note Concerning Orders That Are No Longer Complimentary

There may be situations when an order that is initially saved as free is modified so that it is no longer complimentary. In this case, there is a balance on the order and the appropriate payment information is required. However, in Aptify (for accounting integrity purposes), once a new order is initially saved, the initial payment fields become read-only and cannot be modified. Since the order was originally free, a user may not have provided payment details for the original order. To make sure that orders are saved with payment information successfully in this situation, Aptify does the following:

  • Aptify sets the Payment Type of the order to Purchase Order for orders that are initially saved as free when initial payment information is not specified before saving the new order. With the Payment Type set to Purchase Order, a user can modify the order amount (by changing a product's price) after the order is saved as needed, assuming that the Bill To Company or Person has available credit (if credit check is enabled). In this case, the order is saved with a balance due. Note that Aptify will only set the Payment Type to Purchase Order if the user has not viewed the order's Payments tab. If the Payments tab has been viewed, Aptify assumes that the user has reviewed the settings and will not override those values.
  • If payment details are specified (such as a check number) before initially saving an order as free, the original Payment Type and payment details are maintained. In this case, when the price is changed for the product creating a balance on the order, the initial payment amount is updated to match the current order total.

    Note Concerning Default Payment Type for Free Orders

    By default, the Payment Type that Aptify uses for orders that are initially saved as free when initial payment information is not specified is the Purchase Order installed with standard Aptify installations. However, an administrator can define a different default Payment Type by modifying the value of the PurchaseOrderPaymentTypeID. See About Orders Entity Attributes for more details. 

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