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Using the Form Command Buttons

Forms in all of the services have many common features. Each form has a standard set of command buttons that appear across the top of the form. This is known as the Data Control Bar. To select a button, click the button or use the default keyboard shortcut that displays when you mouse over each individual button. See Configuring the Data Control Bar for information on creating your own button shortcuts.

Command Buttons


Button IconButton NameDescription
Save RecordSave RecordClick this button (or use the shortcut key, Ctrl + S) to save changes made to a record. After saving the changes to the database, the record remains open to allow another action or further modification.
Save and Close RecordSave and Close RecordClick this button (or Ctrl + Shift + S) to commit changes to the database and close the form.
Save and NewSave and New

Use this button when entering multiple records at one time. Save and New saves the current record to the database and then opens a new form, allowing entry of another record. You can also use the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl + N.

Delete RecordDelete Record

This button deletes the current record from the database. Note that you cannot delete a record if it has any dependent records (shown by clicking the Show Dependencies button) or if the record has not been saved.


Click this button (or use the shortcut key, Ctrl + P) to launch the Report wizard to create a report for this record. See Using Reporting Tools for more information.


Use this button to find and switch to another record within the same service. The Find button opens the Aptify Find dialog box, in which the user enters search criteria to help locate the desired record. To exit the Find dialog box without executing a search, press the Esc key or click the Cancel button. See Using the Find Dialog for more information on how to use this dialog to search for records.

Close the FormClose the Form

This button closes the current form. Before the form is closed, the system checks to see if changes have been made to the data. If no changes have been made, the form closes automatically. If changes have been made, a message box appears, prompting you to select one of the following options:

• Click Yes to save changes before closing the record.
• Click No to close the record without saving changes.
• Click Cancel to leave the record open

Record HistoryRecord History

Aptify provides a complete revision tracking system for all records in the database. For more information on Record History see:

Show changes since last savedShow changes since last saved

This button displays a list of the changes made since the last time the record was saved. This button is not available on new records.


This button refreshes the data. If you make a change and the change does not reflect immediately, click the Refresh button to display the latest data.

Copy Record IDCopy Record IDThis button copies the record ID
Show DependenciesShow Dependencies

This button displays a list of other records that are linked to the current record. If there are dependencies shown within this dialog box, you cannot delete the record until you have unlinked it from these other records (by either modifying or deleting these dependent records). This button is not available on new records.

Create New Record from TemplateCreate New Record from Template

This button loads an existing record template. See Using a Record Template to Create a New Record for more information. This button is not available for existing records.

Save this Record as TemplateSave this Record as Template

This button saves the current form as a template. See Creating Record Templates for more information.

Save as PendingSave as Pending

This button saves the record as pending allowing the user to modify records prior to a specific date and then applies those changes automatically on the scheduled date. When a pending change exists, it automatically enables the Alerts button prompting the user that there are pending changes on this record. A user can also edit and delete pending changes as necessary. For more information see: Using the Save as Pending Button and the following topics in it.

Create a new record by cloningCreate a new record by cloning

This button allows the user to copy a previously created record. This helps reduce data input time and increase accuracy. For more information see Cloning an Existing Record.

Add this record to listAdd this record to list

This button adds the current record to an existing Lists record. See Creating Lists for information on using Lists in Aptify. This button is not available for new records.


Click this button to open the Notes Viewer to add a note to a record or to review existing notes. See Adding Notes to a Record for more information. Note that this button is only available on saved records.

HelpHelpClick this button to fetch online help. For more information see Using the Help Button.
Show AlertsShow Alerts

This button becomes active (red) when the record has an alert associated with it (for example, if the record has a pending change, see the description of the Save As Pending button for details). Click this button to view the Alert Detail dialog to provide more information. When all alert events are cleared for the record, the button reverts to its inactive (gray) status.

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