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About the Applications Ribbons Form

Application Ribbons records store information about a particular ribbon defined by an administrator. See Defining Application Ribbons for details.

Application Ribbons Record

Application Ribbon Groups Tab

This tab lists the Application Ribbon Groups records linked to this ribbon. See About the Application Ribbon Groups Form for more information.

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Applications Ribbons record.

General Tab


The name of the ribbon. This name appears as the tab name in the ribbon control and as the application name in the Navigation Bar.

Application ID

Specifies the Application to which this ribbon applies. If blank, then the ribbon corresponds to the Home tab.

Auto Generate Groups

When selected, Aptify will automatically generate groups and buttons based on a user's subscribed services in this application.

Is Active

When selected, the system uses this ribbon for the specified application rather than the system generated default.


A description of the ribbon.


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