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About the Input Properties Form

Input properties determine the characteristics of a component. Several top-level entities use an Input Properties sub-type to set parameters required by a component. This includes the Form Components service, the Import Source Types service, and the Process Flows service. This section describes the fields that are found on the Input Properties sub-type form.

Form Component Input Properties Form

General Tab

Name (Required)

Name of the input property.


A description of the input property.

Type (Required)

The data type of the input property. Values available are String, Integer, Long, Currency, DateTime, and Object.

Default Value

The default value for the input property. This may be either an alphanumeric value or an SQL string.

Required (Required)

If this option is selected, the input property is required. This option is selected by default.

Value List Type

The value list type indicates how the input property receives its data. The default is None. Available values are:

  • None: Allows only manual data entry to define the data source.
  • List Only: Only items listed in the Possible Values tab of this record are accepted.
  • List or Manual: either manual entry or the values listed in the Possible Values tab are allowed.

Possible Values Tab

Possible values are not currently supported with respect to Process Flow Input Properties.

This tab is applicable only if Value List Type on the General tab is not set to None. A list of Possible Values records is displayed for the input property. See About the Possible Values Form for more information. Note that possible values are currently supported for Process Component Input Properties but not Process Flow Input Properties.

Property Page Sub-Tab

This tab is used to define a custom property viewer for the specified input property. Note that if a custom property user interface is defined at the process component level, the property viewer defined on this tab will be ignored. See Using the Generate Data Mapper Process Component Wizard for more information on defining customer property sheets for a process component as a whole.

Input Prop Page Object

The object containing the custom property viewer for this input property. This field links to a location in the Aptify Object Repository.

Input Prop Page Assembly Name

The Object's .NET assembly name.

Input Prop Page Class

The Class in the Object that contains the customer property view for this input property.

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