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About the Map View Data Sets Form

This form corresponds to the sub-type records that appear on a Map Views record's Data Sets tab. The system creates these records automatically when a user creates or modifies a Map view. See Using Map Views on how to create a Map view and for information on all of the available Map view options.

Map View Data Sets Record

Comments Tab

Stores any optional comments concerning this data set.

Field Map Tab

This tab is reserved for future use.

General Tab

Name (Required)

Name of the data set.


A description of the data set.


The data set's source type: View or SQL.


If Type is set to View, this specifies an Aptify list view that provide data for the map. This field links to the Views service.

Internal Tab

Last Refresh Time

Read-only field that stores how long it took to load this data set the last time the Map view was opened. The system adds together the refresh time for all of the data sets and displays the total time in the refresh message that appears when a user opens a Map view.



Specifies the source entity for a SQL-based data set. This field links to the Entities service.


If Type is set to SQL, this specifies a SQL statement that provide data for the map.

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