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About the Commands Form

This service stores the set of standard commands and buttons that are available within the Aptify user interface. For example, the menus that appear across the top of the user interface (File, Edit, etc.) and each item in a particular menu appear as a record in the Commands service. The Commands service also has records that correspond to the buttons that appear across the top of each form (Save Record, Save Record and Create New record, etc.).

The primary purpose of the Commands service is to provide a method to localize the display name of the menu and buttons that appear in the Aptify user interface. By adding the appropriate Local Strings to a command's Culture String, the system can automatically format the menu and button descriptions to match a particular user's assigned culture. See Using Localization Administration for more information.

Commands Form

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Commands record.

Comments Tab

This tab stores any optional comments related to this command.

General Tab

Name (Required)

The name of the command.

Key Value (Required)

The unique key that the application uses to identify the command.

Category (Required)

The command's category. This field links to the Command Categories service.


If this command is listed under another command within the application (such as a menu item under the File menu), this field displays the name of the parent command. This field links to another record in the Commands service.


A description of the command.

Culture String

The culture string to localize the display name of the command. This field links to a record in the Culture Strings service.

Tool Tip Culture String

If the command supports a pop-up tool tip, this field identifies the culture string that can localize the command's tool tip text. This field links to a record in the Culture Strings service.

Plug In Tab

This tab stores the Object, Class, and Assembly for a plug in object that can override the standard functionality of this command. This feature is reserved for future use.




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