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About the Dashboard Parts Form

The Dashboard Parts form defines dashboard part properties, such as its Dashboard Component and Dashboard Area.

Dashboard Parts Form

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Dashboards Parts record.

General Tab


The Name field holds the name of the Dashboard Part.

Display Culture String

The Display Culture String field defines the culture string used to localize this part's caption. See Working with Culture Strings for details.


The Description field stores the description of the Dashboard Part.


Choose from Normal (part is opened) or Minimized (part is collapsed) as default.

Dashboard Component

The Dashboard Component field stores the dashboard component associated with the Dashboard Part.

Base Part

If this part is based on an existing part, the base part is linked here. A Dashboard Part may be based on another part to allow the user to create a duplicate with a different display name or display characteristics.

Dashboard Area

The Dashboard Area field stores the dashboard area that hosts this Dashboard Part.


The positional size of the Dashboard Part within its part.


Enter the proportional size of the Dashboard Part within its part.

Resize Mode

Choose from Proportional and Fixed.

  • Proportional: How the part fills the area. For example, if you set the proportional growth at 0.5 (from 0 to 1), the area will fill half the horizontal space of the -dashboard.
  • Fixed: Enter a specific size in pixels. Reserved for future use.

Show Title Bar

Select this option to show a title bar on the Dashboard Part.

Title Bar Back Color

The title bar back color of the Dashboard Part. The system converts the color selected by the user to its corresponding ARGB value.

Title Bar Text Color

The Dashboard Part's title bar text color. The system converts the color selected by the user to its corresponding ARGB value.

Show Min Button

Show Remove Button

Only applicable if Show Title Bar is selected.


The Comments field contains any additional details relevant to the Dashboard Parts record.

Input Map Tab

The Input Map tab provides a list of dashboard mappings for the input properties associated with the component upon which this form template part is based. These input properties list the details that may be modified for the component selected. For example, some properties that may be modified for an Entity List View (ELV) include the Source View ID and Source Entity.

This tab automatically inherits a list of all input properties associated with the dashboard component selected on the General tab and is therefore only available when the Type field on the General tab is set to Component. Fields may be updated directly in the grid.

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