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About the Map Views Form

This service stores parameters specific to the system's Map Views. The system creates these records automatically when a user creates a new Map view. See Using Map Views on how to create a Map view and for information on all of the available Map view options.

Map Views Form

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Map Views record. The MapPoint file that corresponds to this Map view is stored on this tab.

Data Sets Tab

This tab displays information about the data sets that appear in the Map view. Each data set entry is a sub-type record. See About the Map View Data Sets Form for more information.

General Tab

View (Required)

Links to the Views record that corresponds to this Map view.

Map File Attachment

Links to the Attachments record that corresponds to the view's MapPoint file.


Specifies the MapPoint Type: North America or Europe.

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