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About the Licenses Form

The License Import Wizard automatically creates Licenses records based on the contents of the import file provided by Aptify to the organization.

Licenses Form

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Licenses record.

General Tab

Customer Key

Tracks the customer's ID or Key Value as assigned by Aptify.

Customer Name

Name of the licensee.


The License Type. The available options include ClientAccess and Module.


The license mode. Available options include Permanent, Temporary, and Trial.

License # (Required)

The License number or ID.

Date Granted

The date the license was granted.

Date Expires

The date the license expires.

License Key (encrypted)

Encrypted data that cannot be updated by anyone other than the licensor. Ensures that licenses are enabled only for authorized users.

User License Assignment Tab

This tab displays the current User License Assignment linked to this license. See About the User License Assignment Form for more information.


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