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About the Gantt Views Form

This service stores parameters specific to the system's Gantt Views. The system creates these records automatically when a user creates a new Gantt view. See Creating Gantt Views and Working with Gantt Views for information on how to create a Gantt view and for information on all of the available Gantt view options.

Gantt Views Form

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Gantt Views record.

General Tab

Start Date Field (Required)

The field in the service that specifies the start time for items in the Gantt view.

End Date Field

The field in the service that specifies the end time for items. Only applicable when Duration Mode is set to End Date Field.

Duration Field

The field in the service that specifies the length of time shown for items (that is, the width of the horizontal bar in the Gantt chart). Only applicable when Duration Mode is set to Duration Field.

Parent Field

The field in the service that creates a parent-child relationship between records.

View ID (Required)

The Views record that corresponds to this Gantt view. This field links to a record in the Views service.

Display Field (Required)

The field in the service to use as the title for items.

Standard Duration (Hours)

Specifies the default duration (in hours) to use for all items displayed in the Gantt view. Only applicable when Duration Mode is set to Standard Duration.

Duration Mode

Specifies how to determine the duration of items. Options include Standard Duration (all items use the same default duration), End Date Field (specify an End Date Field that indicates an end time for the item), and Duration Field (specify a Duration Field that indicates an item's duration).

Resource Field (Required)

Specifies the field that identifies the assignment for the particular item in the Gantt view. For Tasks, this is typically the employee to whom the task has been assigned. For Meetings, this could be a Meeting Place or location where one or more breakout sessions are held.

Snap Unit/Snap Unit Value (Required)

Specifies the snap units for the Gantt view to determine how a Gantt chart updates an item's start and/or end dates and times when a user moves an item within the Gantt chart. Options include Minutes, Hours and Days. Note that the Gantt view will always round up to the nearest snap unit. For example, if the Snap Units is 1 Hour and a Task's start time is moved to 1:10 PM, the Gantt view will update the Task's start time to 2:00 PM (rounds up to the nearest hour).

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