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About the Culture Strings Form

This service stores text strings and their corresponding translation into other languages or cultures. See Using Localization Administration for details.

Culture Strings Form

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Culture Strings record.

General Tab


The name of the culture string. Aptify uses a naming convention to identify the type of culture string and its applicable location in the system.

Base String (Required)

The default text for this culture string. This is not the record's name field; it is the string's representation in the neutral/base culture. This is the string that appears for users are either not assigned a culture or whose culture (or base culture) does not have a Local Strings sub-type record.


An optional description of the culture string.

Category (Required)

The Culture String's category. This field links to the Culture String Categories service.

Local Strings Tab

The Local Strings tab contains a grid of translations of the Base String. Each grid entry corresponds to a sub-type record that maps between a Cultures record and the corresponding translation of the Base String for that culture. If a particular culture has no local string defined within the grid, then no corresponding sub-type record exists for that culture.

Local Strings Tab

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