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About the Entity Bulk Operations User Permissions Form

Bulk Operations User Permissions records allow the administrator to grant permissions to run the bulk operation to specific users configured in the Aptify system, without granting those permissions to any other users who might be members of the same groups. By creating a Bulk Operations User Permissions record for a defined user, this user is given permission to run the current Entity Bulk Operation.

Each user must have, at the minimum, read permissions defined on the entity to successfully run the bulk operation. For instance, if the bulk operation is defined to run on the Persons service, the user must have at least, read and edit permissions for the Persons service. See Granting Entity Permissions to Users for more information on setting permission attributes for users. Additionally, the user must also have at least read permissions for the Bulk Operations Entity.

Bulk Operations User Permissions records are only available from the User Permissions tab of an Entity Bulk Operations record.

Bulk Operations User Permissions Form


The user to which permissions have been granted. This field links to the Users service.


Any comments relevant to the user permissions granted

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