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About the Import Run Mappings Form

The Import Run Mappings sub-type records specify the mapping requirements for the source columns in an import file.

Import Run Mappings Form
Mapping Field

The field in the mapping entity that the source column corresponds to. Note that the source column does not appear on this form (although it is visible on the Import Run's Import Run Mappings tab).

Lookup Foreign Key

When selected, Aptify will perform a lookup within an entity to find the record ID that matches the text in the source column. This check box applies only to source columns that correspond to a linked field in the mapping entity.

For example, if the data in the Culture source column is text (such as Spanish) and this column maps to a CultureID linked field, then Aptify can lookup the ID for the Cultures record whose name is Spanish and return the appropriate ID. This ID can then populate the CultureID field in the new record created from the import data.

The Lookup feature applies only to entities whose Name field is Unique (in other words, the Unique option is selected on that Entity Fields record which is marked as Is Name). This feature does not support entities whose records can share the same name.


This field contains optional comments concerning this field mapping.

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