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About the Message Schedules Form

Message Schedules records store information about scheduled messages, including how the messages will be sent (specified by Message System and Message Source), to whom messages are sent (specified by the target View), and what messages are sent (the Message Templates identified on the Templates tab). A Message Schedules record also links to an Aptify Scheduled Tasks record, which is responsible for initiating the message scheduling process on a recurring basis

Message Schedules Record

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Message Schedules record.

Comments Tab

The Comments tab stores any optional comments concerning the Message Schedules record.

General Tab

Name (Required)

The name of the message schedule appears in the Name field.


A description of the message schedule is stored in the Description field.

Category (Required)

Each message schedule belongs to a category. This field links to the Message Schedule Categories service.

Message System (Required)

The message system is the system used to send the message. This is usually an email system such as Dot Net Mail or Dot Net SMTP Client. This field links to the Message Systems service.

Message Source (Required)

The message source defines the data on which the messages are based. This field links to the Message Sources service.

View (Required)

The view that identifies the recipients for the messages.

Template Selection Mode

This field determines what logic the Execute Message Schedule process flow will use to select a message template for a particular message run. The options are Rotation, Random, and Weighted. For Rotation, the process flow selects the templates one at a time in order (in a round-robin fashion). For Random, the process flow selects a template at random each time it generates a message run. For Weighted, the process flow selects a template at random but selects templates with a higher weight more frequently than those with a lower weight.

Links Tab

The Links tab displays a list of records selected to link to the Message Schedule.

Message Schedule Record - Links Tab

Link Type

The Link Type field displays a list of available record types that can be linked to the Message Schedule record. There are many standard link type options, such as Persons, Companies, Meetings, or Employees.


The record to link to the Message Schedule. The service associated with this field is determined by the selected Link Type. For Persons, Companies, and Employees, the link information includes the record ID, contact name, phone number, and email address. For all other services, the link information shows the record name and record ID.

Add Button

The Add button is used to link the record selected in the Link field to the Message Schedule record.

Delete Button

The Delete button is used to disassociate records from the Message Schedule record, and remove them from the Links list.

Schedule Tab

Scheduled Task (Required)

The scheduled task stores the scheduling information for sending out the Message Schedule's bulk messages. This field links to the Schedule Tasks service.

Templates Tab

The Templates Tab stores the Message Templates used by this Message Schedule. Each template can also have a weight assigned. See About the Message Schedule Templates Form for details.

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