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About the Object Repository Classes Form

When an Object Repository Objects record is created or updated in Aptify, the underlying object is queried. If this object is a .NET assembly or a COM object, an Object Repository Classes record is automatically created for each class within that object. Object Repository Classes records store licensing information for the object class, as necessary.

Object Repository Classes Form

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists all attachments relevant to the Object Repository Classes record.

General Tab

ProgID (Required)

The value displayed in the ProgID field is the name of the class associated with the specified .NET assembly or COM object.

Object Repository Object (Required)

The object listed in the Object Repository Object field is the .NET assembly or COM object that contains this class.


Any licensing information about the class is displayed in the License field.


The Description field contains a description of the class.

Is Active

If the Is Active option is selected, this class is active.

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