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About the Object Repository Objects Form

The Object Repository Objects record defines the objects that are grouped within Packages for the Context Objects. These Objects specify the location of the data files for the object repository.

Object Repository Objects Form

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists all attachments relevant to the Object Repository Objects record.

Classes Tab

Lists the Object Repository Classes records associated with this object. This is applicable for COM objects and .NET assemblies. See About the Object Repository Classes Form.

General Tab

Name (Required)

The Name field contains the name of the object.


The Description field contains the description of the object.

Package (Required)

The Package where this Object is stored. This field populates automatically based on the Package where the Object is created.

Object Type (Required)

Object Type defines the file type of the Object. Object Types are defined in the Object Types records. These may be file types such as HTML file, Text file, Java applet, Image file, Crystal Report, Executable, OLE Automation Server, and so on. Object Type is populated automatically based on where the new Object form is open.

Access Method (Required)

Access Methods define how the Object is stored and/or retrieved from the database. If no object access method is specified, this field should populate automatically based on the default object access method defined for the object type selected. This field links to the Object Access Methods service.

Download Path

The download path provides the location where this object is to be downloaded on the user's computer. By default, this field is set to <PackagePath>.

Any directory path can be accessed and selected via the folder icon, but a number of keyword locations are defined in the standard installation of Aptify:

  • <DefaultPath>: This is the default download path for repository objects. For Aptify 6.0, this defaults to C:\Program Files\Aptify 6.0.
  • <PackagePath>: This keyword location indicates that the download path for the object package specified will be used.
  • <ObjectContextPath>: The path indicated in the Download Path field of the context object specified for the object package selected.
    • <WindowsPath>: This indicates that files will be downloaded to the -computer's Windows directory. This option is not currently supported.
    • <WindowsSystemPath>: This indicates that files will be downloaded to the computer's Windows system directory. This option is not currently supported.
    • <AptifyExplorerPath>: This indicates the location where the Aptify client was installed on the computer. This option is not currently supported.
    • <WindowsTempPath>: This path indicates that files will be downloaded to the computer's temp directory. This option is not currently supported.
    • <UserProfilePath>: This path is the current user's profile directory. This option is not currently supported.

Local Filename (Required)

This field lists the source file for the object that is stored in the Object Repository. Clicking the page button to the right of the field displays the Select File dialog box, which is used to locate the file.

Bytes (read-only)

This field is automatically populated by the system and displays the size of the object (in kilobytes).

Updated (read-only)

The Updated field displays the date the Object was last updated.This value is updated automatically by the system.

Version (read-only)

The Version field is automatically populated with the current version of the object.

Internal Version (read-only)

The Internal Vision begins at 1 when the Object Repository item is created. Each time the file within the Object Repository item is updated, the Internal Version is increased by one.

Related Objects Tab

If this object repository object is related to any other objects, those objects are listed on the Object Repository Related Objects tab in the form of Object Repository Related Objects records. When an object is retrieved from the repository, any related objects listed on this tab are retrieved prior to retrieval of the current (parent) object.

Object Repository Objects Form Related Objects Tab

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