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About the Pending Changes Form

In Aptify, when a user saves a record change as pending, Aptify automatically creates a Pending Changes record. Administrators can review information in a Pending Changes record but they cannot create or modify Pending Changes records directly.

Pending Changes Form

Top Area


Specifies the entity to which the pending change applies.

Identifies the record in the specified entity to which the pending change applies.


Specifies the Type of Pending Changes. For records generated by the Save As Pending process, the type is Scheduled Change.


Identifies the current status of the record. Pending Changes records generated by the Save As Pending process but whose changes have not been applied to the record have a status of Approved. Once the changes have been applied to the record, the Status changes to Posted automatically.

The buttons below the Status field are reserved for future use.

Conflict Info Tab

The fields on this tab are reserved for future use.

Detail Tab

This tab displays a grid of the pending changes. For each field that will be modified, the grid displays the field's current value and the proposed new value.

General Tab

Recorded By

This field identifies the user who created the Pending Changes record using the Save As Pending feature.

Approved By

This field is reserved for future use. It is blank for records created by the Save As Pending process.

Scheduled Date

Identifies the date and time at which the pending changes should be applied to the specified record.

Description of Change

A description of the pending changes that will be applied to the record as of the Scheduled Date

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